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Fighting with a felony conviction

Naomi wrote:

My son did something very stupid awhile ago that has caught up with him. He stole a bike from a garage, and since it was attached it is considered home invasion which is a felony. He pleaded guilty.

He has a substance abuse problem and had been in recovery sometime before this caught up to him. My husband and I decided to let him work all this out himself .. which he has and without complaints.. (we left him in jail waiting his sentencing).

As he had no priors he was sentenced to a in-patients subtance program and transfered there for 90 days. He is doing well and we know he has a struggle ahead of him.

He is a very stressed person and is so down about the felony on his record..he feels he will never be able to get a good job.. is this true??

He was going to a community college with hopes of going to a university for a degree in education. Will this be out of the question for him??

Can you have a felony expunged from your record somehow?? How long does it typically stay on your record?? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Dear Naomi,

You'll need to get legal advice on how long the felony stays on his record - that depends on where you live.

Also, some careers will now be closed to him, and short term, he will find it tough to get a good job. But if he starts at the bottom, works hard, and doesn't break any more laws, there's not much that will hold him back. Everyone has to prove themselves - for your son, he'll have to do it that little bit more often. But he can do it - if he leaves his past behind.

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