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It hurts to be called a whore

Lee-Anne wrote:

I'm a high school freshman with a bad reputation. I recently lost my virginity to my now ex boyfriend. Somehow the whole school found out about it and now I am known as a major slut.

I wear black pants and t-shirts and people think that is slutty for some reason. This hurts my feelings to be known as a whore. Is there anything I can do to get a good reputation to prove I'm not a slut and to get everyone to stop talking so badly about me?

Dear Lee-Anne

You are what you are. You cannot prove you are not anything, and there's no reason to. Gossip moves on - what's the point of people repeating the same thing?

This rumour will soon be forgotten, unless you deserve it - or you feed it. Your call.

"Honest Advice"

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