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Fair weather friend

Oonah wrote:

I am in High School. I have one friend that I do things with outside of school. She goes to her dads house every other weekend so we only have two weekends a month to spend with each other. But I can never get a hold of her to make any plans.

When I call she says she will call me back but she never does. At lunch I never get a chance to talk to her because she and her new friend go off and talk with boys. I am very disappointed. She is my only real friend. That is why I need her.

I want to have other good friends but I don't know how. I am afraid that people will think that I am no fun. At home my brother and my parents are constantly telling me that I am antisocial. I want to make friends but I don't know how. And I don't know if I should give up on her or keep on trying. What should I do? Thanks for your time

Dear Oonah

Dear Oonah Read what you've written. Imagine you heard someone else say it - She's no friend, is she? And you don't need her. We all need 'people' - some more than others, but none of us need people who don't respect us.

I know it's difficult, but there's nothing wrong, within reason, with being a loner. But if you do feel you need people, then join something, do something, get a job.

There's always people, and the less you try, the easier it is to make friends. Be interested in people - try to see what makes them tick - you'll soon realise the ones who interest you.

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