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Body Odour

Nancy wrote:

I have a co-worker with bad body odour. The entire staff has noticed it and it's been mentioned it to our managers who don't know what to do either. Hints (even major ones) just haven't worked ... what can we do?

Martyn wrote:

There is one thing I've been trying to ignore for a while about my best friend. He has very poor hygiene. He hardly ever takes a shower, he always wears his clothes about three days in a row. And he stinks.

I have really tried to be nice about it, but I just can't stand it anymore. But I'm afraid to say anything because I'll probably hurt his feelings. Please I need your advice.

Dear Nancy

Someone has to tell your colleague; please see below.


Sometimes friendship isn't easy. If you've noticed, so has everyone else. If you can't help him, who can? Of course he'll be upset; it may damage your friendship.

But coming from you it will be easier than from others. And chances are, he'll get over it. Just be honest, tell him you're still his friend, and be clear you're saying it to help him. Good Luck.


Please remember this is not always a hygiene problem, it may be a health problem. Either way, please bite the bullet, and be discreet about it!

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