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Cowardly in Kentucky

Hayley wrote:
I'm in love with a man that lives 1,000 miles from me. I'm already married to a man that I care very deeply about. but I'm not in love with him and never have been.

I married him for the sake of my children, which really didn't make a difference. I lost my children in a nasty divorce, thinking if I were stable with someone ... but I lost them anyway and haven't been happy since.

I met the new guy and we talk every day. the problem is, he is black and I am white. This doesn't bother me ... but our parents will freak. I wish we could just run away but he's not that kind of man. He's ready to face all problems head on and make the best of it.

Dear Hayley,
Let's face it, you've gone through life taking easy options and running away. Your real problem now is that you've met someone who wants to act like a decent human being. And guess what - he'll expect you to, too.

You are really lucky, you have choices. Your kids didn't, your husband didn't and I suspect your first husband didn't make all the mess, did he?

You choose; carry on being a selfish coward ... or stop.

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