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Patsy wrote:

I have a boyfriend and he is married and he is supposed to be getting a divorce. But he keeps talking to to all these different women and then tries to lie about it. But I do love him very much but the last couple of times I have told him that I love him, he has not said it back.

To some degree he has hurt me, and I've been told that he keeps talking to these other women even though he says that he's stopped. But he does talk about me moving down to where he is in Georgia (I live in Illinois).

I'm not sure if that would be a good idea, what do you think?

Dear Patsy,
He's an adulterer, a liar (to you as well as his wife), a flirt, and a fool. You, it seems, are just a fool. On that basis, you are a pretty poor match.

Start lying to him, flirt, get married and sleep around. THEN move to Georgia. By then, everyone will know what you already feel; worthless, stupid, used, and dirty.

Alternatively, use that distance; write to his wife and apologise, then get a life of your own.

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