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Why don't teenagers?

Natalie wrote:
How can I stop my 15 year old from being so lazy? For instance, one of his weekly jobs is to take out the trash on trash day. He will pull out the trash bag from the can and not pick-up from the floor, anything that may have fallen out, such as a tissue. This happens every week. Also, he knows he is supposed to replace the bags that he removes. He will do this in most, but not all of the trash cans. This happens nearly every week, too. In nearly every job he is asked to do, he works like this. We are not neat freaks, by any means. Please help!

Dear Natalie,
Life is about incentives. Either he feels his efforts are not appreciated, or he already gets all he needs. Tie your needs with his. You need a reasonable job with the garbage; he needs thanks, money, whatever. It's a contract. Either you and he deliver, or neither does. Discuss it with him, be sure he understands. Be sure you do.

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