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Please help my angry son

From Sandy:

I have a 10 year old son who has a problem controlling his anger, I have him on Ritalin which helps considerably, but the medicine is just covering the problem, I want to know how to get to the root of the problem, his anger.

I have taken him to shrinks, but all they do is want to write me a prescription, I have taken him to a therapist, which helps but doesn't get to the real problem. If he should miss his medicine he is rude, disrespectful, he may throw his desk, or crawl under and start crying like a baby. I'm at my wits end and need help, to help him.

He has been suspended from school several times for his outburst. He is a straight A student, his teacher says he is very smart, finishes his work faster than anyone else, which his teacher makes sure he rechecks his work and he likes going to school.

I have two other children, a daughter 18, who was on Zoloft during her junior high years, and will be graduating from high school this year with honors, another son 11, who is very intelligent, great sense of humor, different as night and day from his brother.

If anybody else has this problem with a child, I would sure like to know what is helping.

Thank you: Sandy

Dear Sandy,

My experience of your boy's problem is very limited - and a fair while ago. Rather than risk giving you bad advice, I shall throw this open. I have placed your letter on the new Ask Anon Bulletin Board; let's see if mums and family of kids with similar problems can help ... over to you all

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