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How to manage useless employee

From George:

I run a small department with five staff. Four are okay to good, one is useless. Every time I tell her off, she looks at me like I'm dirt.

How do I get her to do what I tell her.

Dear George,

You are not paid to be popular, you are paid to get the job done. If you haven't grasped that simple rule of management, then you are dirt.

Take her to one side, so you can't be heard - but, if possible, in sight of others, so she can't accuse you of harassment.

Tell her, smiling a lot, that you realise things have not been going well, and that you are concerned. Tell her you realise you'll never be friends - but if you are to continue working together, she has to pull her weight. Tell her to consider this as a friendly warning.

Then go read up policies on getting her sacked if she doesn't change.

You don't mention your boss - It'd be a good idea to speak with him/her to get support.

Finally, let's be straight here, George. Is she the problem or are you?

Go review your behaviour and your problems with this staff member.

Be honest.

"Honest Advice"

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