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Everyone's picking on me

From: WeatherMan:

I have a problem at work where I am being put in a subhuman category because of my race. I am an apprentice but the top rate people that I am to learn from are freezing me out of learning experience.

I am responded to most of the time with hostility when I mention some areas of learning I am to learn off. How will I learn if there is no cooperation?

The people I learn from constantly smoke around me and I have complained and maybe this is there way of harassing me. I can't stand smoke but I need the job.

I am under constant stress as to whether one of these top rate so called individuals will try and set me up for failure or danger to myself or others around me by not giving professionally kind humane assistance with learning.

Dear WeatherMan,

You say you are treated badly because of your race. If that's so - and you give no evidence - then you must go to law or the union and get advice on how you can fight that locally. Without detail, I cannot help with that - but Good Luck.

The rest of your letter is a non-stop whinge, and I notice that nothing is remotely your fault.

Do you seriously believe your colleagues are buying and smoking cigarettes just to harass you - an apprentice? You have complained about their smoking (I suspect they were smoking before you joined?) but you have not complained about the racism?

You obviously feel you are better than the "so called individuals" you work with. And you obviously think they haven't noticed that you don't respect them.

Tip: Even the most stupid person in the world knows that someone else thinks they're better.

Face it - they know you.

It's an imperfect world. No-one owes you a living, and if you have to start at the bottom (like me and most people), tough.

The trick is to get off the bottom. That means earning respect, doing the job. And not whingeing. If you are an apprentice, you have your whole working life ahead of you:

Do you want to stay at the bottom?

Do you want it all tough?

Rocket science it ain't.

"Honest Advice"

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