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A Noisy Noise Annoys

Earl EarPlugs Writes:

I work in a fairly crowded office and share a cubicle area with 5 or 6 other people.

My quandary concerns one of my coworkers (we'll call him Jim). Jim likes to listen to music via the large speakers attached to his computer.

This would be fine in most cases, but it seems that Jim's taste in music is less than palatable for the majority of his working neighbors. ... To say Jim's music is bad is like saying Emelia Erhart's flight is delayed.

It is, in fact used to exorcise demons from carnivorous reptiles in some lesser-developed countries. I'm worried that if I complain about his fetid tunes, that the company will institute a policy banning everyone from playing music at work ... frankly nobody wants that.

How can I let Jim know that his music is universally and esthetically repulsing while maintaining a level of professionalism and tact?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Your Earliness;

You say a majority dislikes Jim's taste - and yet you're writing to me. Either you are fibbing. or he's bigger than you.

Or something.

If fear reigns, then someone has to 'accidently' spill coffee or cut his wires; now, I don't say that lightly.

But if he's such a B**** that no-one dares ask him nicely, it's his death or your sanity.

But first, take round the hat to buy him a set of headphones, why doncha?

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