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When isn't a good job?

Jim asked:

I should be very happy, because I've found a job that pays good money and everything in my life is wonderful, but I'm not happy with the job and I've only been in it for a month and a half.

In this job, I'm supposed to be in a greater position of responsibility than I've ever been and in past jobs I've been used to knowing what I'm doing and getting on with it.

But here I spend most of my time sitting around waiting to be told what to do. I've never experienced this before as I'm very independent and self-sufficient.

I have to ask if there's anything I can be do, all the time. I feel like I'm wishing my life away and I feel like a child.

Dear Jim,

I actually know exactly how you feel; let me tell you, and perhaps it'll help you (Perhaps not!). I've been there.

My boredom threshhold is low, I like a challenge at work. I took on a real exciting new job that turned really boring, really quickly - the "mngmnt" just changed priorities, and all the exciting stuff got ditched.

So, like you, well paid, good working conditions, no challenge. I made the decision within weeks; "I shall leave, as soon as a decent opportunity arises". And did.

What I must not do, I realised at the time, was something that would damage my employer (and me on the rebound) or something that would damage me - like leaving before another job came along.

It wasn't easy - it won't be for you, but all I can advise is don't do anything hasty - it's much easier to get a better job when you have a good job.

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