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Manager likes Employee

Charlie wrote:

I'm the Manager of a store and I really like one of my Female employees. She is a quiet girl and seems to be a little shy. We have casual conversations and have an easy going Manager employee relationship.

I would be interested in getting to know her better, but am concerned because I'm her boss. The last thing that I would want is for her to become uncomfortable around me or worse yet have a sexual harrassment issue come up.

What would you suggest I do?

Dear Charlie,

On the face of it, it's between the pair of you. But in the real world, you have a big problem. Look at the Angles:

She, shy, quiet, respects authority. The fact you're asking suggests you are sensitive. So she's comfortable with you, you give her confidence.

So does she have any other feelings toward you?

Other staff may be quick to see you acting differently to one person, and sadly, there may be one (or more - you don't say how big a store) who will try and take advantage.

If that fails (or succeeds) the rumours might start spreading, and you could lose respect - and if the one gets frightened and manipulated, you could lose more.

And You. I don't think for one moment you are consciously doing wrong (if you were, why write to me?). But you are in a position of power over a shy, trusting person.

Are you misinterpreting your temptation as a genuine interest from her? She may like you as a boss, but never have considered anything else for one split second.

Sounds awful; and there's probably worse could be said. But many of the strongest relationships in the world started at work - this might be one of them.

So take it real slow; respect her feelings, keep aware of your feelings and how things might look to others (You have a store to manage!) And see what happens.

Good Luck

"Honest Advice"

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