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Promotion Changed Him

Tania wrote:

I have worked with this man for five years as a co-worker. Then our boss retired and they made him manager. I helped him get the job. Now he is an ---hole.

I thought it was me until I asked other people, they are have the same problems. When he is in the office all he want to do is sleep or scream at you for something.

I think the power and new postion has went to his head. He also can keep his hands to himself now. I'm the only woman that works there. What do I do?

Dear Tania,

You don't say how long he's had the job; if it's just a few weeks, he's probably scared, and once he settles down, his old personality will show again. More than a few months? That ain't gonna happen.

There's always ways of dealing with a bad boss (see Vinnie's question, above), but as you knew the guy before, there's a chance you - or another workmate - can talk some sense into him.

Talk among yourselves; remember he was a Good Guy (else why did you help him?), and try to help him rejoin the human race.

Maybe he can't cut the new job, and is afraid of losing face?

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