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Grossly Unjust Manager

Vinnie wrote:

I am working in a company under a unreasonable superior who makes a profession on picking on me, although I do no wrong.

I've been facing this for the past two years.I have no bad records on anything. What do I do?

Dear Vinnie,

First, remember the world is throbbing with bad managers. But there's always something that can be done. As you've put up with this for two years, I'm guessing that you've considered the obvious ones ... but be methodical.

First, start a diary. Record each event, a few details, date, time, names of any witnesses.

Whatever you do, that is important, as it helps you - and others - assess this person. Then answer these questions, then ask yourself a few more ...

  • Are you sure you don't deserve it?
  • Can you change jobs in your area?
  • Can you change jobs in the company?
  • Do you know what the other staff think?
  • Can you all get together to go to senior management?
  • Can you join the union?
  • What does your law say about bullying at work?
  • *Is it race discrimination? Can the law help?
  • *Is it sex discrimination? Can the law help?
  • Is the company concerned about its staff
  • Is the company concerned about bad press?

I could go on, but I'm sure there's plenty for you to be thinking about as you write that diary.

If you need more, write in the "At Work" Discussion Forum - I'm sure we can get some more ideas for you.

"Honest Advice"

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