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Turning into a bully

Will wrote:

I'm new at my job, and fresh out of college. it's kind of wierd dealing with the people here and all, because my friends are more into hanging out and stuff, and this a computer company so most of the people are more conservative and all that.

The problem I'm having is that my co-worker, this kid that's about my age is kind of a weenie. He thinks he knows a lot, and all the older guys jock him like no other.

He doesn't acknowledge me really even when I walk into the room, and despite the fact that I'm friendly to him, he seems really like he doesn't want to be nice to me, and wants to be my boss eventually or something.

All the older guys always ask him all sorts of questions and stuff, and really like to talk to him, even though he talks down to them a lot.

For reference, I like to play basketball and do active things a lot, and also like to drink with friends and stuff. This guy is more like this skinny little nerdy guy.

My problem is that the more I think about him, the more I start to hate him, which is not good, since I really don't have anyone I really hate. I feel like it is consuming me.

Dear Will,

Sad, isn't it? You've grown up with a macho-man mentality, and moved into an area where brains count more than brawn.

Not only are you jealous of this "little nerdy guy", but you can't even accept that.

You even think he should like you, when you smarm around him but it's obviously as false as it gets.

Grow up. Hang out with your friends, play sport, whatever. But while you are at work, work.

Learn to ask questions, learn to listen to "little nerdy guys". Learn. Prove yourself. Grow up. Be an adult, not just a man.

"Honest Advice"

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