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Too tense to be funny

Zhora wrote:

Hey Anon, Hey, I'm an actress. During acting class I'm so intense. I can't be funny like I am in school and my house. I want to show them I could do sitcoms, because that's what I want to do. But they're not letting me because they only know me as a drama for soap operas and I'm serious about everything and it's hard for me to smile. How can I just be myself and smile, and show everyone I am the funny person. Because at my house I'm the clown, but in the place I want to act like that I can't at all.

Dear Zhora

Stop trying. If you are getting work, be grateful for that - try comedy again later, when the whole thing is less stressful. Also, study the experts. Most sitcoms (and all the good ones) involve absolutely straight acting; the laughs are in the script and the situation, not the actors. Even one liners aren't delivered 'stand-up'.

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