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Boss's Babe in my face

Abigail writes:

Hey Anon, For nine years I've worked for a married couple. While she is still part owner of the company, she's left to pursue other dreams. Her husband is now in total control, and has hired a girlfriend to help him out (in more ways than one!).

He's 44, she's 24. They are constantly hanging all over each other, which was bad enough for office morale, but now she also receives extra special treatment; two hour lunches with him, run of everything, creative control over things the rest of the employees used to have input on ... and we're frustrated as hell!

Should I let him know I think his relationship is inappropriate? Should I quit? Should I just try to ignore this and plod ahead, hoping this will end soon?

Dear Abigail,

Hard to help, as a lot depends on the 'office politics' - you know better than I. So I can only raise a few thoughts, then it's down to you.

First, you can bet your bottom dollar that things will settle down; sure, they may split up, but even if they don't, the relationship will slow down, almost certainly.

So then, you have to decide, will you get on with 'her'; if she stays, she'll grow in authority, and expect the same obedience he gets. Will she pull her weight and earn respect, or rely on him to back her up? You need to decide what's most likely.

Finally, does it really matter; have you all really lost the atmosphere you once had - or has she actually united the staff as never before? Are things really different, or is it just that he flaunts his trophy at you all?

These are important issues, because you cannot actually "do" anything. Unless they are dangerous, deviant or illegal, anything you say will almost certainly be used against you (put yourself in his shoes for a second).

And do you want to leave? Sorry; not much help, I know.

But making the best of it, rather than making war, is probably most likely to make things better.

"Honest Advice"

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