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Mysterious weight loss

Zeta wrote:

I have a friend who went from about 155 lb. to 100 lb. in only a few months. She has seen two stomach doctors, a gynecologist, and a couple of other specialists.

One specialist said if she lost one more pound he was going to hospitalize her and feed her intravenously. They have no idea what is wrong. All tests come back okay. Any help would be appreciated. She is very scared.

Dear Zeta

I'm sure she's scared, such a big loss in a short time should frighten anyone. Now, you know that I can't diagnose over the Internet where a handful of experts on the spot have failed.

But I can help you to help her. It is possible that whatever it is is rare and hard to find, let alone treat. But it is more likely that they are looking in the wrong place. If she isn't absolutely, totally, honest then even the best doctors in the world might be ordering the wrong tests.

You, as her friend, must help her to help herself - but make it clear that she's done nothing wrong. Frightened people don't always say the right things, and you need to help her and support her. And she might have something to say that she hasn't realised is important. You must realise that every day counts.

"Honest Advice"

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