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Saving Private Bryan

Bryan's Dad wrote:

My son joined the US ARMY with few guarantees other than that he would have a chance at being on the US Army running team and that his first duty station would be Ft. Hood Texas.

The Ft. Hood promise is in writing on a document that was signed by his recruiter ... he finds himself now in Kansas.
Do you know of any groups that could send his mother and I in the right direction to help our son? He is extremly unhappy and has recently been brought up on Art#15 charges of disrespect to a superior.

I know that he feels that he has been lied to and at this time actually has no respect ... this I have taught him. Lies deserve no respect and contracts/promises are invaluable. My thanks in advance for any help or insight that you might have.

Dear Bryan's Dad,

I've put off replying to this for a week, hoping I could find an ounce of sympathy. But I can't. You are truly a man who would lay down his son for his principles.

Think about that word "Army" - does it conjure up images of holidays and endless leisure? I think not. Does it suggest that discipline does not matter, that an obvious lie from a recruiter (Duh!) allows your son to disrespect the WHOLE ARMY? I think not.

If - and only if - you care about your son, tell him to knuckle down, grow up, and let the army teach him respect ain't the same as selfishness.

You and I know what the Army is; we know why recruiters lie, why they used to blackjack young lads into the Navy, why the 'King's Shilling' was dropped into lad's beer.

We had choices. I chose not to go near the Army, you chose to let your son go blindfold. Blame yourself, not the Army.

"Honest Advice"

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