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No Time Like A Present

Mary wrote:
I received an invitation to my uncle's 80th birthday party. It said "no presents buy your presence". I found out that someone is bringing a bottle of wine for him and my mom is giving money and my sister is going to give a gift. What is proper to do in this case. I thought when the invitation says no gifts, it meant NO gifts. I am stumped and think that their gift giving is putting others on the spot. Advise me please on what to do.

Dear Mary,
Isn't awful when a happy event becomes a family competition? First, try to be sure if Uncle meant it. And hold that thought.
Second, the perfect gift if he meant it, would be something small, of little cash value, but absolutely perfect for him (A die-cast model of his first car? A new pipe stand?). Make him smile, and ignore the others - a present is between you and him.
If maybe he didn't mean it, but said it to make it easy for the poorest member of the family, honour intention by getting a joint present with that person, and make sure you make it good, while avoiding all embarassment.
All other cases - try to work out the 'average' value being bought and go for that. Don't Ruin His Birthday.

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