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Who shall I be friends with?

Beatrice wrote:

I have two cousins from the same family, one is almost my age and the other is a year older. They are always fighting over me and fighting to see who will play with me or talk with me. It is very annoying at times.

The cousin that is almost my age we talk more about boys and related subjets. But she is very noisey, loud, hyper, and sometimes annoying. My other cousin (the one who is a year older than me) she acts more mature and we have more mature conversations. But she acts too mature she is a clean freak (which I am not) and she goes to bed to early for me (I am a night owl).

I am very mature for my age pysically and most times mentally so me and my older cousin have something in common but on the other hand I am still interested in boys which my younger cousin knows alot about.

I have already tried being friends with both of them but they fight and I finally end up picking between them and I think I hurt ones feelings. I try not to do that but that just seems the way it ends up. Please help me either pick between the two or be friends with both.

Dear Beatrice,

If you really need a total stranger to pick your friends, you're a little sad, don't you think? Your pronblem is you haven't the guts to make a decision and stand by it. Which do you like? which do you respect? Do you have to choose? Do you have no other friends?

Can't you, for once, stop thinking about what you want, and perhaps find something all three of you can do? Or do you enjoy the attention as you stir bad blood between sisters? Grow up, do.

"Honest Advice"

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