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Broke the alcohol laws

Adrienne writes:
My 20-year old son received a fine and 2-year license suspension because an underage person placed a bottle of alcohol in her car and another underage person drove it and was stopped by the police. My daughter was not in the car at the time. What is her best course of action to fight the fine and suspension?

Dear Adrienne,
Help me out here, I don't know your laws. Is it a crime to have someone underage drive your car with alcohol in it? If so, what's the beef? If your son /daughter / whatever chooses bad friends, the law still applies.
Or are you saying there's mistaken identity, and your son / daughter is innocent? Well, that's simple. He / she asks the guilty person to confess and it'll all be hunky dory. Might have been better to have been honest in the first place, I reckon. Don't you?
You see, Justice works in strange ways. Your son / daughter might (might) be as clean as a whistle in this case, but is visibly guilty of having bad friends. Two years suspension is not an easy way to learn, but better than drunk driving and killing people.
Life's tough. Learn, and it gets easier. Tell him/her.

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