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Jealousy - whose problem?

Alison wrote:

I have a freind named James; we were flirting then I went on vacation and everyone one said we went out now I met this guy Sam and I like him a lot but James is jealous what do I do?

Dear Alison,

Don't tell me what 'everyone said' - what did you say? what did James think?

If you were 'flirting' and you both knew that, then James' jealousy is a mistake on his part. Go easy on him, just put him straight, he'll get over it.

But if it wasn't flirting, then perhaps you led him on?

OK, you've met someone better.

But you cannot rewrite history to suit your lust, can you?

Now, I don't know which is the truth, you didn't give the whole story.

But you know.

"Honest Advice"

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