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I want to see it squirm

Aimee writes:

At the start of this year my brothers mate started putting moves on me. Since then I developed feelings for him and our relationship became more physical. Then everything went cold and he never called me and I didn't see him for a month or two.

Recently I came back from holiday to find that once again our relationship turned physical and I've never been so happy - until my brother told me that now he's got a girlfriend and that they are really close.

I don't just want him to get away scott free as he's also hurt other people that I know and I want to know if there is a way that I can tell him exactly what I think of him.

Dear Aimee,

He's a jerk, and he's used you. And worse, looking back, you can see that you let yourself be used.

So why give him the pleasure of humiliating you more? Why poison yourself with [futile] thoughts of revenge?

This is about your self respect, not him.

Easy for me to say, tough for you to do: walk away, like he never existed.

"Honest Advice"

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