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How can I propose?

Rikki wrote:

I stay in india and I am in love with a girl on her birthday I thought of proposing to her, and so I did.

But the reply was no. Then I realised my way of approaching her (the way I made friends with her was terrible), now I know my problem I would like to make friends with her again at a right time I would like to propose again.

Just advise me by telling how should I approach her now.

Dear Rikki,

I don't want to step on cultural toes here, so please forgive me if I've got it all wrong. Seems to me that you are confusing friendship and marriage - I'd concentrate on friendship first.

If she doesn't like you, marriage is probably off the agenda.

Seems to me also that you are confusing yourself with the centre of the Universe.

Has it occurred to you to consider, for just one second, what she might want? Maybe she likes arrogant selfish idiots.

But it is entirely possible that she doesn't.

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