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Trainee Stalker on the Loose

Cherie wrote:

I've liked this guy for three years. I think I will always like him because he is my biggest crush ever, but I'm confused on if he likes me or not and if it'll ever work out between us?

He knows that I like him a whole lot but when he does he's acts mean to me just to try to get me not to like him. I've done everything possible (not everything) to let him know how I much I like him.

I've asked him out face to face..he said No. I've tried flirting with him.. asked him to a dance and he said yes and at the dance he said he liked me but the next day pretended that he never said that.

He is really nice to talk to but it gets so annoying when I dont know how he feels about me exactly. I want to tell him how I feel but am afraid of rejection.

He sometimes acts like he likes me then doesn't? Does this mean he doesn't want to like me because of his friends? Or just doesnt like me like that?

I'm confused because I really like him and dont knwo what he really feels about me. What should I do? Help Please!!!!

Dear Cherie:

Read what you wrote. Short of wearing a "Sod Off" T-Shirt, what has the poor guy got to do to get you off his case? You don't like him, you are obsessed. You want to own him.

Get a life before you have the whole world laughing at you.

Relationships should be two-way events, not you bullying and badgering some poor sap. Leave him alone.

"Honest Advice"

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