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Am I as stupid as this? Really?

Cynth writes:

Both me and my boyfriend are 19 years old, and we've been going out for about 10 months. He broke up with me two days ago, and I have tried to persuade him to come back to me but he won't.

The reason we broke up he said, was he felt betrayed and couldn't trust me. It started with this guy who was his friend and fancied me and to my boyfriend was trying to break us up. After a while we agree that we both wouldn't talk to him. So it was ok for a few months then I started talking to this guy and I lied to him about it by not telling him I'd spoken to him and he found out.

This happen 2-3 times and it was on the last time when he broke up with me. I just want to know if he broke up with me for a stupid reason or if I really hurt him by talking to this guy when I knew that my boyfriend didn't want me to.

Dear Cynth:

The deal not to speak to other guy was probably stupid, as you are pretty weak and very selfish.  But you made the deal. And broke it. Several times. And lied. Several times.  

You have no relationship with your ex. You destroyed it. Just imagine if it were reversed, and he'd treated you that way.  

You really hurt him, by proving that he can really pick 'em when it comes to women.

Take a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule and try to decide what the word "Trust" means.

It's your life ....

"Honest Advice"

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