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Stuck in the Middle with You?

Tim Asks:

There is this girl that I really like and I want to ask her out but I am really shy.I don't know how to go about asking her. How should I ask her?

Dear Tim,

If you need to ask, you're not ready yet.

First, ignore your friends and their advice. This is between you and her. Second, stand in front of a mirror, make eye contact, and ask yourself this strange old-fashioned question "What do you like about her?"

Why? Well, if it's just her appearance, you won't go from too shy to bed in one move, for a start.But also, you need to think about what you have in common.

If you're shy, first get talking, then get friendly, take it one step at a time. But don't let it become 'just pals'; if you're shy, you have to be honest. Admit you think she's special - but don't make a big deal about it. If she asks you about other guys, say "I can't answer that - I really like you myself" Be consistent, be honest, be there.

But if you're shy, you have to learn to be honest without being heavy about it. Not easy, but take your time. And do it yourself. Sounds boring, but shy blokes do alright in the end - think Hare and Tortoise.

"Honest Advice"

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