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Seperation - end or beginning?

Vern enquired:

My wife and I are currently seperated. She said she wanted to experience some of the life she missed growing up, but that she truly loves me.

She has disrupted the entire family, kids included and even though I and they try expessing our opinions to her, she doesn't want to hear it. She says that all she is doing is having a good time with the people she goes out with and there is no sex involved.

She goes out to dinner and occasionally to a club. I try to give her her freedom and understanding. My question is

1. Does she truly love me?
2. Is she being honest with me about the other men?
3. We have been spending more and more time together than before.

Will this continue to improve and eventually bring us together as a family again? Please help.

Dear Vern,

Only you can answer this; you know her, you know in your heart of hearts if she's being honest. I have given a few thoughts on your questions - but I've also added a couple of other issues.

1. Sounds like she's very fond of you, if you're spending more time together. But that's not the same as Love, is it. She may be able to relax with you, without the pressure and effort of marriage around her. But ask yourself .. Does she love you, or are you wishful thinking?

2. Probably not - especially if they're spending all this cash - but she might be.

3. You might end up as friends - if you can live with that - but with all this fun, why should she come back?

4. You don't say how old the kids are; the longer this drags on, the more harm could come to them. Especially if there's no happy ending. Think about the kids.

5. Do you want her back, knowing it will never be the same again?

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