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Why Do Men Fear Women?

Selena asked this interesting Question

Dear Selena,

If I knew the answer, I'd have made my fortune selling it on the internet!

I'm sure there's all sorts of reasons, few of them good, and fewer of them useful. But they do - whatever they tell you!I think it's largely about power.

Only 100 years ago, few people lived beyond 35; for much of their adult lives, women were pregnant or with dependant children. Men, with much more choice in life's options, effectively ruled.

Today, women have many more choices, and so a fair amount more control over their lives (al things are relative!). Men have not yet learned to cope with this change in the balance of things. And maybe never will.

Of course there are exceptions, and in wealthy societies (or wealthy classes in all societies) women have usually had as much power as men - but different.

Women have long learned to get what they want, without ever having to demand it or fight for it - men, simple folk, can't cope with that kind of power.

But ask other men, you may well hear other answers.

"Honest Advice"

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