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Family Breaking Up?

Peter writes:

I'm desperately in need of a solution or my family would break up for good. My father has been having a relationship with another woman and that of course broke my mum's heart ... and also tried commiting suicide ...

I'm very afraid my family which once used to be a happy one would soon end ... as a 14 year old boy, the eldest in the family ... what could I do to make things better ... please help me ... thank you.

Dear Peter,

There's nothing worse than being involved in something over which you have no control, and I know you realise that.

In terms of intervention, however clear things look, I'd be pretty sure that there is nothing you can do; your job right now is to avoid blame, make sure that both parents know you care about both, and do you best to strong for the younger children.

Whether the family stay together or not, the family will still exist, and you'll still all need each other, in different ways.

For the moment, just be there; use school as an escape; leave home at home and concentrate on your studies.

If there's someone you can talk to, just for support - teacher, family friend, uncle .. then do so, just to help you get thru it. Good Luck.

"Honest Advice"

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