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Trouble in Connecticut

Martin writes:

My father has been offered a job in North Carolina. We now live in Connecticut. I am very happy for my father but the problem is that I don't know what to do for my living arrangements.

On one hand I could move to North Carolina and start my life all over again from scratch not knowing anyone. Or I could move in with a friend and still be close to all my friends. I have lived in the same town for 21 years, and have some great friends.

But in the past year I have flunked out of college do to my own stupidity and I have had my heart broken in the worst way by someone who I thought was the one for me. Half of me wants to stay in CT and the other have wants to move.

Dear Martin,

Whether you go or stay is your decision, and so it should be - you'll have to live with it. What you need to do is be sure your not fooling yourself.

Are you still heartbroken? Are you scared? Of moving? Of not having your father around? Do you think you have to move to please your Dad? Are you worried your Dad will say "Now you haven't got your friends around, you can go back to college and get it right"?

Who knows?

But you need to, so you must work through these questions, and the others, and come up with an answer you can live with. Or toss a coin, I would!

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