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I hate my best friend!

Jeannie writes:
Well, I have two best friends. Naome and Marie. I have come to realize that Marie is my best friend, and Naome is not. Marie feels the same way about me. We are sick of Naome. She only thinks of herself, and she had been best friends with us for a long time. ... She tells us that she feels isolated, and that she wants to fix our friendship, but she hasn't been trying, and we just don't want to. Lately, Marie and I have been getting together without her, and just talking about how we can solve our problems with her. But sometimes it's hard to ignore her, we try to ignore our problems, but sometimes it is really hard to do that. I just need advice on how to ignore her, and to see if maybe solving our problems with her would be better, or telling her to shove off would be the best thing to do . Thanks!

Dear Jeannie,
Sneaky little swine, aren't you?
The only problem here is you. You aren't married to Naome, all you have to do is say "Sorry, Hon, face it, we're not getting on like we used to. Let's call it a day" But that wouldn't hurt her enough would it? You and your new slimeball pal won't be happy until you've punished her. For what? For not realising sooner that she doesn't need you. Friend? You don't know the meaning of the word, do you?

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