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I let myself be used

Rosie wrote:

I am 16 year old female, I seem to be able to say yes to almost everything, the other day a couple of guys asked me to have sex with them both. I did not want to but something in side me said yes to that crazy idea. I feel very weird afterwards. I don't know how to say no for once in a while. This is getting out of hand - people seem to use me for that knowing that I will always say yes.

Dear Rosie

Either you want to say yes - which might be a problem, but might not be. Or you don't want to say yes, but do. No-one can help you if you can't make up your mind what the problem is.

For now, just a few thoughts to help you focus:
Are drugs or alcohol involved in your agreement to anything?
Do you like the 'couple of guys' - and did you before?
Do you respect these guys - and do you think they respect you?
Do you respect yourself? and finally, Do you enjoy the sex?

Answer those questions sober, out loud, in front of a mirror. Take note when you cannot look yourself in the eye. Remember, we all have choices.

"Honest Advice"

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