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Depressed wrote:

One of my best friends is going out with the only guy I ever liked as a boyfriend. They always flirt with each other and it makes me sick what can I do?

Dear Depressed

Well, they're going out together, so they're entitled to flirt, aren't they? On what you've given me, it's your problem. You can't get over him, but he's got over you. What do you want, a miracle?

Move on, or torture yourself - once you decide to move on, at that moment, it starts, slowly, to get easier. Until that moment, little green creatures are jumping all over you. And it shows.

On the other hand ... are you telling me that they are deliberately flirting just to remind you? Because it could be so. Doesn't that make life so much better; he's lost, and she is not one of your best friends, she's a slapper. (see, I told you it gets better)

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