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Just met - and he's gone

Pauline wrote:
Let me cut to the chase, I met a guy through a friend of mine. He sent out all the right signals that he was interested and made it crystal clear to others around him. Not to brag, but I am a very attractive woman if I do say so myself.

After a few weeks and after our first physical encounter he decided three days later to get back with some hideous ex. He left me a message at home while I was at work!

Aside from that tackyness he said he didn't want to lead me on. Wasn't he already doing that? I responded by leaving him a message. The gist of that was basically he was weak and selfish and disrespectful to me.

Though I am not in love do you think I scared him or what? I was not a bitch in any way in the message. What happened? My intuition is very keen scary in fact and I picked up nothing to see this coming.Though he said he wanted to stay friends and hang out I told him he would have to be the one to initiate any future dealings.

Dear Pauline

You've heard the old saying, "All Men Are B*****"? Well, now you've seen the proof. He'd split up with the 'Ex', maybe convinced himself, as well as you, that it was final.

Once things began to look serious with you, he had to ask himself "is this what I want?"; quite possibly she did the "You've had a month to think about it" routine.

I can't, of course, guarantee this version of events - but ask the friend who introduced you - if she says she felt sorry for him, that's your proof. Men are weak and selfish, especially when a relationship breaks down.

Don't blame yourself - and don't be around next time he weakens - that's how mistresses happen.

"Honest Advice"

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