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Do I need a Competitive Christmas? - Be prepared for at least one of them to make a big fuss; there may even be ...
NEW! Homeless, unemployed and ashamed - Your future is your hands. You should be helping to support the daughter you miss ... and it's hard to see your ex-girlfriend being sympathetic until you do.
I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual  - So have you thought about the consequences of coming out? It's called 'risk assessment', and simply means looking at the risks of honesty versus the risks of continuing to deceive ...
Friend holding a grudge - While he's conceivably right about his ex, he is wrong to carry on a vendetta, and even wronger to try and drag his friends into it. ...
My friend may be suffering sexual abuse - Your concerns about her hating you are understandable ... but not important right now ...
Do I have an abortion for his sanity? - From what you say, no-one is applying any pressure on you, not even your ex-boyfriend ...


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